"Diep Tran, 38, spent most of her childhood in the restaurant business. She came to the United States in 1978 from Vietnam, and was raised in the Los Angeles suburbs. Since the early 1980s, her aunt and uncle have run the Pho 79 chain, among the first Vietnamese restaurants in Southern California. [...] Today Ms. Tran is the chef and owner of the Good Girl Dinette in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It’s a casually chic, bohemian sort of place, serving organic — and sometimes tweaked — versions of the food she grew up with: banh mi made with roasted oyster mushrooms and chicken curry potpie, topped with a buttermilk biscuit crust. [...] It might be the archetypal second-generation restaurant." — "Based on an Old Family Recipe," The New York Times

"The spicy fries are astonishingly good — topped with the mince of cilantro, fresh chiles and garlic you usually see on Vietnamese-Chinese fried crab or squid. The chicken pot pie, made with a yellow Vietnamese curry and topped with a dense, crisp-topped biscuit, is wonderful. And the clove-spiked beef stew, plumped out with plenty of carrots, is a perfect amalgam of Vietnamese flavors and Depression-era diner cooking, a blend that seems to be exactly what this neighborhood, and these times, demand." Jonathan Gold, "Good Girl Dinette: Depression-Era Dining," L.A. Weekly

"There are many, many reasons to visit chef-owner Diep Tran's cozy "dinette," which can best be described as a mash-up of an old-school diner and a Vietnamese restaurant. Sort of. The list starts with the coffee, either Vietnamese coffee or some of the excellent drinks pulled at the little Cognoscenti coffee cart that's recently been permanently installed. From there, there's breakfast  — pho or porridge or Tran's excellent hashes or, if you're lucky, her remarkable hand pies. (If you're even luckier, it will be moon pie season.) Later in the day, there are banh mi and the near-legendary chicken pot pies, noodle salads and little pots of pork confit and the plates of addictive spicy fries. Did we mention the hand pies?"  — 10 Best Restaurants in Highland Park — L.A. Weekly

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